Jul. 29th, 2011 10:46 am
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Okay! It looks like whatever was slowing down the site yesterday is over with, for now. Maybe it was something to do with LiveJournal's DDOS problems. A lot of people use this site as backup for their LJs, so maybe there was a sudden surge in cross-posting. Whatever, I'm not going to crosspost to my defunct LiveJournal site. I've also decided not to move the old entries over here. I've got them saved on a flash drive, for what that's worth.

More later.

Update: ah ha, no, the site slowdowns have something to do with a memory leak or some other arcane webserver thing I don't understand. Look, my first link!
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Okay, I've changed the theme to this purplish one with a photo of mountains at sunset for the header. It's pretty and easy to read and loads fast -- well, as fast as Dreamwidth loads which today isn't all that fast. I wonder if it has something to do with the DDOS attack on LiveJournal. Oh well.

I've changed my mind (for now) about moving all my old journal entries from the LJ one to here. For one thing, I've saved them on a flash drive anyway. For another, they are mostly quite old -- the oldest are ten years old! And there aren't that many of them, and a few of the more recent ones are crossposted to other sites of mine. And I've decided this site is going to be a fresh new site, sort of. I don't know what the focus will be yet. Maybe Doctor Who. I have the Tumblr site, but I've been getting bored with Tumblr; some of the "improvements" they have are not improvements if you ask me. Tumblr is great for reblogging or showing photos, but for discussion it sucks. I have a serious website elsewhere, but I'm not sure I want to link to it, or to my Tumblr site, or any of my sites. I kind of want this site to be separate from all that.

I'm not sure that I like the kind of semi-closed community system of sites like Dreamwidth and LiveJournal, but they do have their charms. I just know that I've been bored with writing on blogs for a while but I need to do something -- I'm not going to give up blogging and let the marketers and shills have it all.
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Because that's what I needed: another freaking website. Like most people, I'll probably use this to port my old LiveJournal account over here in order to save the entries from that site's many crashes, problems, and what is going on right now -- a DDOS attack. Joy.

Added: D'oh! Forgot to confirm my email address. OK that's done.


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