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I went to look at my Twitter feed, which I've neglected, and it was all politics. It made me want to cry and barf at the same time.

Then I went to my Tumblr dash. The first thing that met  my eye was an entry from a photo-store's blog, where they featured yet another gimmicky photographer. I am just tired of "gimmicks" in photography -- fake "levitating" people and things, tilt-shift (see my previous post), photos of bullets going through apples, photos of food tossed in the air... I have decided I'm particularly unimpressed by the "fun with food" photography. It all just looks like a big mess. Maybe it's my grandmother's influence on my childhood. She was a farmer's daughter and raised my father through the Depression and World War 2, and I was taught never to waste food. I would get berated if I couldn't finish my plate. (When in later years I met people who had been taught to "leave a spoonful of food on your plate so you won't look like you're greedy or starving" I was quite discombobulated.) Anyway, I can just imagine what she'd say about people who toss food up in the air and around the room and then photograph it.
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Those photos that are done in such a way as to make their subjects look like models or little toys. I forget what it's called -- it has a name. Oh yeah -- tilt-shift photography. It was cute for a while, but now I'm tired of it. Yes, I like photographs that emphasize a certain alien, unreal quality; but the toy look gives me the creeps. It's like those claymation puppet movies and creepy dolls. I find them much more disturbing than the stereotypical evil clown.


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