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Really, the Cult of Moff is getting as tiresome as the "I heart Russell T. Davies because he maded the Doctor more like a human!" tribe of zombies. I still prefer Steven Moffat's take on the Doctor -- he's an alien, remember? not a heartbroken loser with a posh ride -- but he seems to be getting bogged down in this whole domestic thing he's got going with the Family of River. It's not as annoying as the Family of Blood (though getting Karen Gillan's cousin to show up again with a balloon would be awesome)

Oh wait--

What if the Family of Blood escaped from the various prisons the Doctor put them in and were behind this whole thing? What if Rory, Amy, and River are actually Father Of Mine, Mother Of Mine, Son Of Mine (for that sex change frisson everyone seems to want from Who these days), and Karen Gillan's cousin could play Sister Of Mine? (She's older and thus probably a bit taller and less little-girl-looking now, but as I've cast Alex King as Son Of Mine I don't see how that matters.) And there's always "Prisoner Zero" to wonder about. Really, there's this whole prison issue in the background that people seem to have forgotten in their urge to get the Doctor and River Song in bed. The more I think of this scenario the more I like it. Hey Moff, you can get rid of your dolls and statues now -- I've just turned the Doctor's best buddies into zombie cannibal aliens intent on revenge.

Perhaps this is my way of saying I think the scenario where River is the Doctor's soul mate and Amy and Rory are her mom and dad just seems too cozy and cute to me. This is Doctor Who, not Coronation Street. I think (hope actually) that Moffat has something more sinister up his sleeve than what's been going on so far.

Another scenario I have been thinking of to explain what's been going on in the series so far to my own satisfaction is the possibility that it's Amy, not River, who is the child brought up to be his assassin. It's just odd that the universe crack opened in this kid's bedroom. Oh sure, the whole "Amy is the mom of his future/past girlfriend" but that explanation doesn't satisfy me. And actually, River Song herself has become problematic to me, going all the way back to her encounter with Ten in Silence In The Library/Forest of the Dead. For one thing, why a team of archaeologists? You have a planet that's been shut down for 100 years (and no one decided to figure out what happened immediately? They just waited a century? Yeah.) from some mysterious event. It could be anything -- a disease, raiders, aliens. But you don't send a team of archaeologists to investigate something like that -- you send scientists and the military. It could be that since the planet was privately owned the family that owned it was able to stave off any official investigation for a hundred years, but that's some sweet political power. Any government worth its salt wouldn't let a possibly dangerous situation go uninvestigated for long. And when they finally were able to get things going, they wouldn't send a team of archaeologists. Despite what movies and tv tell us, archaeologists aren't like Indiana Jones.

One other little thing bothered me about that episode, or serial, or whatever I'm supposed to call it: why didn't River and her crew ever take off their space suits? They had dehelmeted, yes, but they kept their suits on. How could they run about on a planet with presumably Earth-normal gravity? Space suits are made for low-gravity environments. They're uncomfortable as hell to wear otherwise. But that could be explained away in that they are futuristic space suits with all sorts of gravity-compensators and built-in air-conditioning so you won't feel like you're wearing a toaster oven turned on high, so I've decided to accept it as artistic license.

Also it's a neat setup for the Impossible Astronaut and the return of the Vashta Nerada that we're obviously going to get at some point. What if the Vashta Nerada figured out a way to escape from the Library planet? Maybe with the help of the Silents/Silence. Ooh. Remember the episode was called Silence In The Library! Or maybe the Silents and the Vashta Nerada are allies, or aspects of each other, or something. Anyway, they can obviously "read" the knowledge in the Library (how? they don't have eyes -- but then again how did they "see" the Doctor using the skull of a dead person whose eyes and brain they'd devoured?). He did tell them to "look him up," and they obviously found out enough to scare them. In fact...

Now that's interesting. He told them to look up anything written about him, obviously knowing that there were published accounts of his exploits on hand -- though why he would let those exist when he was so careful, as Nine, to wipe the entire 21st century Earth internet clean of any reference to himself (I believe that was in the episode Rose). I guess he had decided that 51st century (as I think it was in the Library episodes) was mature enough to be allowed to publicly acknowledge his existence? Anyway, getting back to the Doctor telling the Vashta Nerada to look up accounts of his activities in order to frighten them. And now we have an ongoing conspiracy, starting with the Pandorica affair, to destroy the Doctor because to someone he has become the most evil monster in the universe. And if that trailer bit was any clue our little "piranhas of the air" friends are back. And don't forget he "saved" River when he was Ten -- by uploading her into a computer on a planet that was inhabited by the creatures he had told to look him up in order to scare them off. A computer run by a child. If there is not something going on here beyond "Amy and Rory have a baby and it grows up to marry the Doctor" I'll be disappointed.


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